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Are you ready for The Reconnection®?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The Reconnection® is the alignment of the meridians of the body to the energetic meshes of the planet and the universe. This connection allows the flow of life in perfect harmony with the expansion of the universe and the acceleration of human evolution in a natural way. Its effect is perpetuated throughout life.

The Reconnection® is done only by a certified professional and sessions must be in person. After the Reconnection, everything necessary and appropriate for evolutionary growth presents itself.

What can happen in my life after the Reconnection?

Each person has a different stage of evolution and a unique experience. Although one cannot predict what happens after the Reconnection, it is common for great changes to occur in one's life, internally or externally towards alignment with soul purpose and happiness, after reconnection many people become more spiritually awakened, sharpen their intuition, gain more clarity of their path and find it easier to let go of what no longer serves them. Usually, experiences, learning, and people who are important to facilitate this new moment in life come naturally before you, and this process, which lasts a lifetime, can be more or less accelerated, depending on each person and their evolutionary history.

"After the Reconnection, so many changes happened on so many levels in my life that I can't even explain! What I can say is that the entrance of Natashia Moraes into my life brought me a very strong and profound change!

Lenir Nayra, Lawyer and Holistic Therapist.

Who The Reconnection® can help?

If you have been attracted or drawn to the Reconnection and know somewhere in your intuition that this technology is calling you, listen to your heart! If you are seeking your life purpose and want to align with it more clearly and quickly, the Reconnection is for you. If you are dedicated to evolving and want to accelerate your evolution to access your full potential as soon as possible, and are brave enough to trust life and let go, the Reconnection will give you that boost you've been looking for. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a true plunge into the field of infinite possibilities of being your best version from now on!

Why is the Reconnection worth $333?

According to the forerunner of the Reconnection, Dr. Eric Pearl, the frequencies of Reconnective Healing are tuned to the frequency of this number, and the energetic exchange at this frequency enhances the efficiency of the procedure, and for this reason, this is the official price that all accredited facilitators must charge. Moreover, this value is high enough for the person to consciously choose to accelerate evolution and honor the gift they are receiving, knowing that they are giving themselves a great opportunity for uninterrupted, once-in-a-lifetime progressive growth. Great gifts are valuable!

What is the difference between The Reconnection. and reconnective healing?

Reconnective Healing® is light, energy, and information. It works through the facilitator's access to a new, broad spectrum of energetic healing frequencies that are available on the planet. It brings the being back to a perfect state of the original balance.

This healing is simple, although intense. Its effect is immediate and cumulative. The frequencies are easily perceptible and scientifically proven by renowned researchers from different countries (Korotkov, K. 2011. Science confirms Reconnective healing. Edt CreateSpace Pub)

How does a session of Reconnective Healing happen?

A session of Reconnective Healing lasts approximately 1 hour, with exactly 30 minutes being the time a person spends on a stretcher receiving the frequencies. This is standardized among Reconnective Healing practitioners for the simple reason that the frequencies are so intense and intelligent that a longer time is not necessary.

The frequencies are perceived by the practitioner and emitted to the person, without hand contact. Even without touch, the sensations can be intense, different from other experiences, such as spasms, pressure, heat, or cold. It is common for many different sensations to be perceived in a single session because the frequencies make up a compound light spectrum that acts in many dimensions.

After the session, the frequencies continue to work for 7 to 10 days, creating changes that realign the person to their original state of balance.

How many sessions of Reconnective Healing are recommended?

Each session is unique, this means that in each session a specific set of frequencies will work at a particular time, and each time you receive the frequencies will be different. For this reason, no more than three sessions of Reconnective Healing are needed to fulfill a healing cycle. It is still possible for healing to take place in a single session, and the person him/herself has the autonomy to follow his/her intuition and know when to return.


I'm Natashia, a qualified spiritual teacher and healer working with a range of quantum and ancestral healing tools. I dedicate my work to guiding you to reconnect with the vital source, supporting you in recovering your original balance and increasing wellness.

Find your pearls and share your beauty! Dance your life and connect earth and sky in your unique way! I support you in this sacred journey.


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