Aura Reading

Frequency elevation and energetic realignment of the auric field

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 80 euros
  • Court-St.-Etienne

Service Description

Auric Reading is a tool for self-awareness that brings to consciousness behavioral patterns and energetic dynamics acting in your life. Through the session, blockages are identified, allowing clarity, facilitating change and decision-making, and releasing tensions. An in-depth experience facilitating connexion and recognition of one's intuition and inner wisdom. This process results in energetic realignment of the auric field and frequency elevation, improving lightness and a sense of well-being. Auric Readings can be individual, generic, thematic, or relational. It can be private, between two people, or in a group setting. _ Aura Reading is a self-knowledge tool that brings to consciousness contents, behavior patterns, and energetic dynamics that act in your life. Through the section, blocks can be perceived with clarity and neutrality, facilitating changing patterns, decision-making, and tension release. This process also results in the reconnection of one's intuition and an energetic realignment of the auric field, improving lightness and wellness. The Aura Reading has four modalities: Individual General or thematic, the relationship between two or more people, and in a group. More information about each one is here.

Contact Details

  • Court-St.-Étienne, Belgium