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Light Language Initiation Course with Natashia Moraes

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Light language is the language of the Universe, in which every thought, feeling, and energy is expressed as in nature as in our Consciousness. Passed down to us by the Mayans, this ancient knowledge teaches us how to utilize Divine Light to actively co-create our reality.

This initiation will expand your consciousness and increases your power as a light worker. You will be able to reshape your life in every aspect you choose and manifest dreams and miracles in alignment with the Universe for yourself, your community, and the planet. The more you receive light, the bigger is your responsibility for yourself and the holiness.

The Light language classes are initiations into knowledge and practice of the art of manifestation through the grids of sacred geometries and colors of the universe. It is an ancestral knowledge of Mayan Shamanism that was allowed to be taught around the world a few decades ago.

In these initiations, only 5% of this wisdom is transmitted intellectually as we are used to learning, while the remaining 95% is transmitted directly to the subconscious, as the Mayans traditionally did. On this plane, hidden aspects of our personality are worked on that make it difficult to express our being perfect.

In the words of Starr Fuentes, Guardian of the Lineage:

"Light language is a 'captured' teaching. It cannot be learned just by reading a book about it or watching a video. To learn to work with Light Language, it is necessary to be seated in the presence of an Initiate teacher. As the student sits in the presence of the trained teacher, he unconsciously receives 10,000 information per minute from the teacher's aura. This is called "captured" teaching. The student captures the material that emanates from the teacher's aura."

This information imparted to students has been passed on from teacher to teacher for over a thousand years, over 25 generations of Mayan healers.

Basic Light Language — Level I

This class is the first initiation into the Light Language wisdom.

This course will guide you through your first steps in the art of co-creating your life, through universal laws, the different qualities of each color and shape, and the combinations they create.

The beggining claasse offers you:

  • Passed-down-Teachings from the Ancient Mayas (Downloads) give you new information into your consciousness and expand your light.

  • Sacred Knowledge about the fundamental shapes and how to use them combined with colors in your day-by-day life.

  • Sacred Knowledge about the rainbow colors and how to use them combined with basic shapes in your everyday life.

  • Clarity about thought, emotions, and attitude patterns. How to transform them to vibrate what you want to attract.

  • Tools that align chakras and reshape your energy field by directing your creative energy toward your present goals.

  • Tools to change the vibrational frequency of environments, to program crystals and magical objects.

  • Techniques to raise the frequency and strengthen the energy.

  • Night school from the day of registration until the end of the course.

  • Manual.

Duration: 5-6 hours.

Intermediated Light Language — Level II

After this course, you will be able to work with the Light Language on different levels, including professional, and offer services to help people transform their lives. If you are already a therapist, the Light Language will complement your toolbox and enhance your work in multilevel. Sacred Geometries and Colors also empower Coaches, teachers, writers, musicians, and other artists by spontaneously emanating geometric shapes and colors as they express themselves.

The Intermediate level enables you:

  • Receive passed-down-Teachings from the Ancient Mayas (Downloads) give you a new level of information into your consciousness and expand your light.

  • Learn sacred Knowledge about the intermediary shapes and how to use them combined with intermediary colors in your day-by-day life.

  • Learn to manifest intentions on the physical plane by creating complex energetic affirmations for different life issues like relationships, prosperity, money, spiritual evolution, etc.

  • Discover 16 sacred geometric shapes and the meaning of 18 colors.

  • Increase responsibility in working for the Highest Good and respecting everyone's free will.

  • Work with the core issue of disharmony and disease and rewrite your life.

  • Receive into your energy field powerful healing grids for over 200 diseases.

  • Learn how to use the power of the Rays (according to Alice Bailey) in your work with Light Language.

  • Night school from the day of registration until the end of the course.

  • Manual

There are endless creative ways to increase the world's frequency with this art!

Once you activate the light codes in your auric field, whatever you do, all your intentions will automatically be enhanced. The more you consciously use it, this potency gradually increases!

Experience a new way to grow, evolve, and act in your reality!

Duration: 16 hours

Advanced Light Language — Level III

The Advanced level is more than an advanced level of knowledge. It is a real quantum leap in consciousness, a path of mastery in multidimensional reality. It is for those who will walk on the unlimited, looking for the more profound synthesis with the Universe, and open to being in service to the Divine Light. This stage expands the power of manifestation to a significant next level and therefore requires proportional responsibility.

The advanced level will provide you with:

- Deep understanding of the eternal time of the soul.

- Learn to create advanced grids that operate beyond time and space, creating shifts in the original matrix at the soul level.

- Perform deep soul healing with 144 form grids.

- Receive information and energetic preparation to act in the healing of chronic diseases such as cancer.

- Create profound and eternal changes in the evolutionary path of the soul.

-The greater power of manifestation and greater mastery over thoughts and emotions

- More maturity on the path of self-mastery

- Increase subtle perception, improve intuition, and psychic abilities

- A closer and clearer relationship to the lineage of Mayan curanderos

- Learn of more than 150 powerful sacred geometric shapes and over 150 advanced colors.

- Over 40 hours of classes and downloads

- Night school from the moment of registration until the end of the course.

- Tow complete manuals that contain advanced shape and colors guidebooks

- Advanced Light Language Practitioner Certificate.

Duration: 40 hours

To find out about the Light Language courses already scheduled or for the organization of a course on other dates and consult payment methods and conditions, write to


I'm Natashia, a qualified spiritual teacher and healer working with a range of quantum and ancestral healing tools. I dedicate my work to guiding you to reconnect with the vital source, supporting you in recovering your original balance and increasing wellness.

Find your pearls and share your beauty! Dance your life and connect earth and sky in your unique way! I support you in this sacred journey.

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