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Magic Cube: The Advanced Perfect Container

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Advanced manifestation technique to enhance the realization of dreams/projects in alignment with the Greater Good.

The Magic Cube allows us to balance our barriers by creating healthy boundaries between ourselves and others, and also balances the 4 elements and 4 directions in the person's consciousness to create centeredness, and coherence between thinking, feeling, and doing. Learn how healers used the cube to create a field of manifestation container for all intents allied to the Greater Good.

Learn from Natashia Moraes in this 3-hour course how to build a perfect container in the energy field that concentrates enough energy to stabilize the manifestation of an intention. It is an ancient technique, passed down from the master healers of Mexico.

Contents covered:

• The Healing Wheel

• The four directions of shamanism

• The four elements of shamanism

• Energy frontiers

• The Magical Meaning of the Cube

• How to create a Cube in the energy field that contains the intention for it to manifest.

• Downloads and night school.



I'm Natashia, a qualified spiritual teacher and healer working with a range of quantum and ancestral healing tools. I dedicate my work to guiding you to reconnect with the vital source, supporting you in recovering your original balance and increasing wellness.

Find your pearls and share your beauty! Dance your life and connect earth and sky in your unique way! I support you in this sacred journey.

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