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Quantum & Ancestral Therapies with Natashia Moraes

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Aura Reading

Aura Reading is a self-knowledge tool, which brings to consciousness contents, behavior patterns and energetic dynamics that act in your life.

Through the section, blocks can be perceived in a more neutral and clear way, facilitating changing patterns, decision-making and tension release. It is a deep experience of contact with oneself that facilitates the recognition of one's intuition and inner wisdom. This process also results in energetic realignment of the auric field and frequency elevation, improving lightness and well-being.

The Aura Reading can be done in 4 modalities: Individual General or thematic, relationship between two or more people, and in a group.

Group Aura Reading

It is a collective Aura Reading, in which each person receives a message about their current moment or about a previously chosen topic. As it is a collective work, the messages of some enrich the messages of the others, forming a large field that allows for more clarity, the openness of perception, and insight. Very effective for workgroups, coexistence groups, and people involved in a common project.

General reading

It is a mapping of your present moment. Those most relevant questions you are experiencing, processing, and asking yourself are clearly revealed to increase your understanding of your current life and help you understand your inner workings and how you deal with life, yourself, and others. General reading expands the field of vision, provides insights, and facilitates important decision making

Thematic Aura Reading

Thematic reading is more objective and oriented to elucidate the different layers that involve a specific theme in your life, how you feel, understand, and process this theme, how you deal with the challenges that present themselves and how you can grow and evolve in this specific aspect of your life. This reading can be done for different personal or professional questions, related to life purpose, vocation, relationships, or spirituality.

Relationship Aura Reading

Allows reading of two or more people simultaneously revealing the spiritual agreements and dynamics of the relationship and how each member of the relationship is learning and maturing in himself through the other, showing the spiritual and evolutionary perspective of human relationships. This requires permission from both people to be read, even if not all of them are present.

Light Language

The Light Language is a powerful ancient Mayan technology that reprograms reality from primordial luminous codes, and sacred colored geometry. The Light Language grids create deep transformations from the dissolution of crystallized patterns in the energy field that are used to block the life manifestation as desired while attracting new frequencies to favor the creation of the new patterns. The Light Language allows the dreams realizations from the inner truth and in communion with the Universe and for the Highest Good.

Aura Reading + Light Language

Although it is possible to do these sessions separately, the combination of Aura Reading and Light Language is one complete work.

This session may help those who receive precious information about their moment in life during the aura reading and still need support to take the first steps in the decisions, changes, or restructuring of the new reality they want to create, whatever the topic in focus.

Aura Reading brings clarity and energetic cleansing while Light Language rewrites reality.

Healing sessions

The Healing session is for those seeking energetic support to overcome challenges in physical health, emotional rebalancing, increased well-being on all levels, expansion of consciousness, and increased vibratory frequency. Different healing modalities can be chosen or intuitively combined according to the needs of each person at any given moment.

Range of possibilities of techniques used in a healing session:

Shamanic Modalities

Divine Intervention: best indicated for chronic or deep physical health challenges. It works on the core issue of the disease or problem. Spontaneous remission of disease is possible.

Cutting Strings: energetic cuts with past situations or relationships that affect the present moment

Soul-Rescue: Heals intense emotional trauma that blocks some aspects of the present life.

Breath of God: break crystallized patterns and open up to new possibilities

Heart Healing: cleanses the heart of deep armor and opens it to new growth and love.

Light Language: creates chakra alignment and reality reprogramming. It is one powerful support for healing disease core issues.

Scientific modalities

Reconnective Healing®:

Reconnection with the vital source and rescue of the original balance. It increases vitality and well-being in a single session. A combination of 3 sessions over 21 days can lead to significant transformations.

Reconnection®: Reconnection with Source and realignment with a life purpose. It accelerates evolution (Only in person).

Consciousness Quantic Transformation/Quantic Healing®: provides a quantum leap in any area of ​​life.

The miracle of healing is that harvest finally succeeded after long sowing trials.” N.M.


I'm Natashia, a qualified spiritual teacher and healer working with a range of quantum and ancestral healing tools. I dedicate my work to guiding you to reconnect with the vital source, supporting you in recovering your original balance and increasing wellness.

Find your pearls and share your beauty! Dance your life and connect earth and sky in your unique way! I support you in this sacred journey.

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