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  • Aura Reading

  • Light Language

  • Shamanic Energetic Healing

  • Reconnective Healing®

  • Reconnection®

  • Divine Intervention

These modalities can be offered separately or combined in different ways. I can guide you based on my perception of what could be more effective. In-person or Online.


Group workshops or Courses regularly offered in person in Belgium or Online. Our events are also offed on demand.

  • Corporate and private events

  • Aura Reading Groups

  • Shamanic Journeys

  • Life Cycles Celebrations


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  • Transdance & Cacao Ceremony

  • Aura Reading Groups

  • Shamanic Healing Classes

  • Divine Intervention Seminars

  • Devotional Dance workshop

  • The Advanced Perfect Container/ Magic Cube class

  • Rose Meditation

Upon demand for individuals, groups, or corporations. In-person or Online. Not based in Belgium? I can travel.

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Quantic & Ancestral Therapies


Reconecting with your own light with Natashia Moraes

Welcome! I'm Natashia, a qualified spiritual teacher and healer working with a range of quantic and shamanic tools. I dedicate my work to helping you reconnect with the vital source, supporting you in recovering your original balance and increasing wellness.

Brazilian born, my native language is Portuguese. Extensive traveler and based in Belgium, I speak and work also in French, Spanish, and English.*

(Auric readings available only in Portuguese, French, and Spanish)